Lake Norman’s has something for everyone.

Little did the planners of this giant man made Lake know, that they were creating a playgound for the twenty first century to enjoy to the level it has grown too.  The Lake  draws people from all over the USA to live here.  I am sure the the orginial planners were thinking inside the box as we say today.   They were creating a water playgound for the people in the Carolinas.   When I came here for the first time in the mid nineteen eighties, they disliked all outsiders especially from the ones from the North.   I perservered, determined to get the locals to work with me and to like me.  I remember my boss saying, you will not make it here as a commission salesman.  One year later we had grow the company from five employees to fifteen and were working Saturdays and Sundays.  Now almost twenty years later, I chuckle to think of how much the area has grow and to the extent the mine set has changed.  When I do come accross a narrow minded throw back to twenth century they call me friend.


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